What is Royal Arch Freemasonry?

The Chapter

The Chapter room is very different from the Lodge room. This is because we have now moved on in our studies and are no longer looking at the building of the original Temple of King Solomon. It is now a new era and we are studying the aftermath of the destruction and subsequent discovery of the Temple ruins.

The Chapter is ruled by the 'Three Principals', each representing an important figure in our history. Newcomers undergo a ceremony known as an Exhaltation and are introduced to this new era in history by a series of short lectures. The ceremony is both entertaining and informative.

Royal Arch Masonry is said to date back to at least 1738 in England and even earlier in Ireland. Royal Arch is an integral part of being a Master Mason and many believe that it is not possible to be a true mason unless one has been exhalted.

Membership of the Royal Arch is open to all Master Masons who have been raised to that sublime degree for a period of four weeks or more. Anyone who is a member will tell you that it enhances their enjoyment of their Freemasonry. As most Chapters are fed by two or more Lodges, it is also a great way of meeting other Masons from the local area.


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